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Welcome to the official website for the film Out of the Darkness. Produced by Wellness Realization Productions and Grand Cross Media.

‘Out of the Darkness’ is a new-age, coming-of-age film that gives hope to each of us who ask, who am I really? Mia has the high powered job, the boyfriend and the illusion of the perfect life. What happens when what we have no longer defines us? What happens when we awaken?

In this inspirational journey into the shifting of consciousness, Director Shri Ananda masterfully weaves together art, music and story-telling. Through the eyes of Mia we glimpse the corporate greed that’s being revealed around the globe. Audiences agree that Mia’s journey mirrors their own as she navigates her way out of her darkness and into the light.

Film starring: Shannon Wilson, Angela Quinn, Christian Armstrong, Vance Potter, Kiran Madahar, Judy Jones, Shri Ananda, Judy Jones, Adam Schumph