Next Film

‘Out of the Darkness’ has been submitted to film festivals all over the world including Israel, Indonesia, United Kingdom, the USA and Canada. We are just waiting on confirmation to see which festivals will be screening the film. Work has already begun on the development of our next project which will be a full feature spiritual drama exploring the inner child within each of us.

Our inner child

Our lives are an accumulation of old stories; the adversities, struggles, and challenges we have faced. We have stories of joy and bliss but our pain stories are where we often get stuck. The stories that we never had a chance to heal from. Perhaps they were just too painful to deal with in the moment or perhaps there was no one there to guide us thru the healing process. For many of us these stories unfolded during our childhood and continue to impact the adults we are today.

There is a theme that threads thru those childhood stories. It weaves the experiences that continue to unfold in our adult lives. Are you healing from a story of either abandonment, betrayal, loss, or rejection? This film project is focusing on healing that inner child within us and we need your help to do it.

In this moment we are in development and pre-production of this project. If you are drawn to spiritual cinema and would like to support the development of this film, please donate what you feel called to give by clicking the donate button below. 100% of all donations received are being used to bring this film to the BIG screen. Thank you for supporting independent artists and indie films.

As a free gift ┬áto anyone reading this, follow this link to a free song download written by Shri Ananda entitled ‘Set Them Free’ . This song explores that inner child and encourages us to set them free.